Profile Machinery

Profile Machinery

-IP3301 Cutting unit for PVC profilies

Saw with disc diam. 400 Speedex

Profile Machinery

IP3302 VIRGINIO MAI profile line

Virginio MAI complete line for flexible profiles

TPV -  Profile Machinery

IP3304- Complete line for small PVC profiles

Complete line TPV -SCM for rigid PVC profiles

EVERPLAST -  Profile Machinery

IT3303 - Haul off brand Everplast for PVC profiles

EVERPLAST haul off (new) for medium-large profiles

Weber -  Profile Machinery

IP3305 WEBER KT10 vacuum calibration table

Weber calibration table 6 mt long

Cincinnati -  Profile Machinery

IP3308 - Cincinnati plant for profiles

Cincinnati complete line for PVC profiles

Profile Machinery

IP 3309 Calibrating table 3 mt long

Suitable for small/medium profiles in PVC , complete by water pump and vacuum pump water cooling system on board

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Profile Machinery

page 151 BOSTON Haul off

Haul off for small profiles in PVC

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